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The configuration files are created automatically after the first run of WCell.RealmServerConsole.exe and WCell.AuthServerConsole.exe and located in the Binary folders:

  • RealmServer: Run/{BuildMode}/RealmServerConfig.xml and
  • AuthServer: Run/{BuildMode}/AuthServerConfig.xml

{BuildMode} stands for the mode in which WCell was built: Debug or Release

Database Settings

You have to change two configuration Parameters in the Config-file of the AuthServer and/or RealmServer correspondingly:

  • DBType
  • DBConnectionString

You can find a list of all ConnectionString-formats of all Databases on

NOTE: All fields of the ConnectionString are case-sensitive NOTE: Make sure, it doesn't contain any leading/trailing spaces ( ), semicolons (;) or unwanted quotation marks (")

If WCell fails to start due to anything Database-related, make sure, that these settings are correct!


in your Run\{BuildMode}\AuthServerConfig.xml file:


in your Run\{BuildMode}\RealmServerConfig.xml file:



  • SERVERADDRESS: Address of the machine, which is running the database - eg. localhost
  • AUTHDATABASE: Name of the database which you want to use for the AuthServer - default: WCellAuthServer
  • REALMDATABASE: Name of the database which you want to use for the RealmServer - default: WCellRealmServer
  • USER: The username to use to log into the SQL server with - e.g. root
  • PASSWORD: The password of the user

Charsets and encoding

Make sure that:

  • The CharSet parameter in the ConnectionString is lower-case! (Yes, says something different but the default .NET MySql connector lib (MySql.Data.dll) does not do ignore-case comparisons of charsets)
  • The CharSet matches the DefaultCharset parameter


The directory from which Addons should be loaded.

Check out the Addons article for more information.


Both, Auth- and RealmServer have settings for Automatic execution of files on startup/player login. The RealmServer looks for these files in the: Run\RealmServerAutoExec The AuthServer looks for these files in the: Run\AuthServerAutoExec