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WCell puts highest emphasis to Quality Control (instead of later on having to do Damage Control).

Points of interest:

  • Every Developer should have a basic understanding of the WCell API
  • The Developer Guide gives new (and old) developers an overview of the features and applied coding conventions during WCell development
  • Write Addons in C# or write functional object-oriented code, using F#
  • The Coding Guide helps developers understand how to write clean code (not only for WCell)
  • WCell's Packet Analyzer allows everyone to define WoW Packet-structures, using XML and use that information to render log files correspondingly
  • Learn how to hook to WCell's Initialization Routine during startup
  • WCell uses NHibernate for Database-access - Here are some information related to NHibernate-usage
  • Advantages of a Clean Codebase explains why clean code is so very important
  • Understanding WCell's Threading Strategy is a must for every WCell-developer
  • Check Nobby's progress on Collision Detection
  • WCell utilizes Unit Tests to prevents bugs and allow a high level of Quality Assurance
  • WCell emphasizes Unit Testing to prevent bugs and allow a high level of Quality Assurance