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Welcome to the WCell wiki!

The goal of this wiki is to coalesce all the knowledge we have attained into a single reference source that is not only technically reliable, but also up-to-date and easily understandable. Most articles are still under construction.

If you are interested in running the WCell server package, check out the Basic Setup page.


The Packet Analyzer Project

The Packet Analyzer defines the structure of all known packets and enables anyone to make a WoW packet stream human-readable.

Join the community

Ask the WCell community, contact the developer team, get involved, stay around.

The WCell Team

The team, its members and how everyone is invited to play a part

Download via GIT

Learn where and how to checkout WCell

Basic Setup

Learn how to setup WCell


Learn how to configure WCell


Learn how to administrate and control WCell


Learn how to further customize the ingame world


Learn more about the WCell code-structure and applied coding conventions.

  • Every Developer should have a basic understanding of the WCell API
  • The Developer Guide gives new (and old) developers an overview of the features and applied coding conventions during WCell development
  • Write Addons in C# or write functional object-oriented code, using F#
  • The Coding Guide helps developers understand how to write clean code (not only for WCell)
  • WCell's Packet Analyzer allows everyone to define WoW Packet-structures, using XML and use that information to render log files correspondingly
  • Learn how to hook to WCell's Initialization Routine during startup
  • WCell uses NHibernate for Database-access - Here are some information related to NHibernate-usage
  • Advantages of a Clean Codebase explains why clean code is so very important
  • Understanding WCell's Threading Strategy is a must for every WCell-developer
  • Check Nobby's progress on Collision Detection
  • WCell utilizes Unit Tests to prevents bugs and allow a high level of Quality Assurance
  • WCell emphasizes Unit Testing to prevent bugs and allow a high level of Quality Assurance


Learn how to create and/or use addons


Have a look at what different Modules the WCell RealmServer consists of and how they are implemented.

World of Warcraft: Behind the scenes

World of Warcraft, an amazing mmorpg was created by Blizzard Entertainment. We help you to understand it better.


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